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Experience the power of a positive resolution.

Let’s Work It Out, LLP, offers affordable mediation to the public.  Mediation is a more amicable method of dispute resolution between people who are not represented by legal counsel as well as people who have attorneys and have already filed a legal action in a court of law. 

In a divorce or family dispute, mediation is ideal because it encourages open communication in a less adversarial setting, thereby facilitating a positive long term working relationship among the family members and/or co-parents.

Mediation is also ideal in resolving homeowner disputes with home builders, property owner disputes, landlord/tenant issues and a host of other situations where the parties need assistance in resolving their differences but do not want to spend the time and money it takes for issues to be resolved in a traditional lawsuit.

The experienced mediators of Let’s Work It Out, LLP welcome your inquiries and will assist you in determining whether or not your conflict may be resolved by mediation. Please click on the Fee Structure tab to view the cost of mediation and compare it to the traditional options for conflict resolution.